Hey. I'm Maddie. Smarty pants artsy fartsy high school in California. I'm co-founder of a Weird Club. I'm not that scary and you'll probably never meet me in real life so feel free to message me. Descriptions are stupid.
  • magui-gui:

    when u and ur friends look fresh af


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  • darkoverord:




    sometimes if i’m having trouble drawing certain head/body shapes of animals i practice by drawing over photos of them…..

    i never share them though because i think it’s kind of silly….

    I should so try that

    Wow thats a really cool trick!

    oh man I never thought of doing that!

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  • fadedrunes:

    ah yes

    make sure my calculator is away 

    wouldn’t want me to cheat

    on the english portion

    with a calculator


    so much logic

  • me0wriarty:


    why does it matter if someone’s room isn’t clean

    like it’s their own personal living space

    if they want it messy and they’re comfortable with that then let them keep it like that it’s not your room and there’s this thing called a door that prevents you from having to see it so unless you’re going to go out of your way to spend your own time living in there calm down martha stuart

    dear mom

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  • plantdust:

    i need clear skin by yesterday

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  • fun123joker:



    Guys do you remember the old school animator vs animation videos? The creator just put the fourth one up 3 years later and I’m in awe. 


    holy shit. im crying because id watch these when i was in my youtube phase

    and im watching them now 

    man this one is

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  • airows:

    "Tying The Knot" Wedding Invitation.

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